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Monday, 27 February 2012

Under the Skin

Grove K Howell 2012 Acrylic on Board 40cm x 61cm
     In view of the weather - strangely tired of the ubiquitous grey, lovely as it is - I've been working on a piece based on a study from last spring. There's a wood I frequent that has some clumps of very young trees. I love visiting this little grove because the sinewy trunks are electric and crackling with growth. Still spindly, they are finding their feet. So to speak.
     This piece is not dissimilar to a polarised light micrograph of human skin with hair follicles. (See here at the Science Photo Library, credited to Dr Keith Wheeler.)
     The landscape we live in gets under our skin - but maybe it was always there? Do we recognise design similarities on some level?
     I'm working on another tree portrait now and a winter take on a nearby grove that are both much darker, so this was an interesting sidestep in anticipation of spring, and the world refreshed.


  1. 'The landscape we live in gets under our skin -'
    I LOVe that!-also really like the 'rooted' optimism
    as well the divisions and 'push/pull'-welcoming pallet after February's monochrome-

  2. Lovely atmosphere, great colours, it's alive....

  3. I dislike pink generally. But in February, anything goes. Thanks for stopping in!