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Monday, 5 March 2012

Mounting Excitement

Adrift (Hammerhead Shark Form) K Howell 2012
 Pastel on Paper 28cm x 28cm
     If you've ever worked in Framing, you'll know that getting the mount right is pretty fundamental. The word overcut still sends a chill through my system.  But there are so many ways to be inadequate when cutting mounts. My supervisor, when I was training, used to quote the cost of the sheet before I cut anything; just to clarify what was at stake. Rather drained the joy from playing with a razor blade.
     So I have this pile of work to be prepared for exhibition, and I need to cut mounts. It's a bit like renting a suit for an Occasion. The sharp, finished edges give pieces the protection they need to go out into the world. A mount gives work some breathing space within the clear boundaries of the frame.
     Cutting mounts is enjoyable for a repetitive task, because by the time you've cut three perfect sides, it becomes Vital that the fourth cut be exact. And to keep things running smoothly, there's lighter fluid. Exciting!
      So I'm not really thinking about putting work Out There so much as I'm looking forward to the curious thrill of cutting mounts.
More exhibition details soon.


  1. I like this image-am intrigued re your show. Will you be posting all of the works together here for our perusal?

    *When you say mounts-do you mean matte board? When I was working in pastel I bought a matt cutter-think I used it twice and is in my cupboard-you're brave to do all this measuring and cutting-nevermind keeping everything clean before the glass hits it!

  2. Hi Jan. UK vocab. has mount board for matte. I do seriously get a kick out of cutting boards. As long as it's not every day, all day. Strangely, that did not sit so well with my sensibilities.
    The exhibition will be in the Lancaster Environment Centre, part of the University of Lancaster, in their lovely Atrium.
    Perhaps a virtual tour is an idea - I'll give it some thought! Thanks!