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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just in Case...

Window Onto Winter II K Howell 2011 Acrylic on Paper (Very Small Indeed)

     Water Street Gallery in Todmorden is exhibiting work 'Just in Case', small works in any media presented in a CD case. The clever ruse here is to make art more affordable for the artist to present and for the public to purchase. The exhibition will be running until January and the Gallery details are here.  It's a brilliant idea and Todmorden is a wonderful place to visit. So, Just in Case you fancy a day out...
     My pieces are Windows Onto Winter, microcosmic paintings exploring the structure of a hawthorne tree, the weight of the snow, and the play of light on and through ice droplets.


  1. what a clever idea re show-do they have a website?

    i really really like this image..and see this when i am out, sitting low, hiding and painting on a winter day

    *re aluminum-i just immersed it in acrylic gloss medium-matte would work-and a bit of water-i think it would might work for a heavy toothy pastel paper....

  2. Hi Jan. It is Smart, the CD case packaging. Very much looking forward to seeing the other work.

    I saw some beautiful pieces in Manchester that were paint reacting on metal, very alchemical. http://www.artzu.co.uk/category/paintings/berlino-/

    The 'here' in 'gallery details are here' should be a link to the website.

  3. I really like this image too, an instantly recognisable detail with a great use of colour...

  4. Cheers, Ewan. But working Very Small messes with your head a little. Well, it makes you exceedingly grateful for larger areas.