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Saturday, 18 August 2012


One of the benefits of working on studies out of doors is the time spent away from all other demands and the resulting clarity of focus. It is refreshing and energising. It keeps studio work on its toes.

With this in mind, I'm heading off on a residential course for the next week to write. Just write. Only Writing. The very idea makes my brain go inside out with incomprehension. But there it is.

It's going to be weird. No question. But I think I can handle it.

Anyone interested in booking on the Painting with Chalk Pastels Course (13 September - 1 November) can still reach me by mobile (might be voice mail, but I'll get back to you, I promise!), and e-mails will be answered. 

So for now, Away we go!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I think you can handle it too-all the best on your residential writing course.
    Haven't checked in for awhile and see I've missed a few -really like this image as well as the one below-especially the sweeps and edges
    I like the merging 'limbs' in the above image-