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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fresh Air

From Inchfield K Howell Very Rough Sketch
Still experimenting and playing with possibilities. Mostly, I've been making a mess. But the fresh air is beneficial.
It's been one of those weeks when most skills  have been Misapplied.

A baby starling plummeted to its death outside our back door. This was a landmark occasion, because it is the first recorded bird death in the vicinity for which our cats have not been responsible. I thought it was a Remarkable thing and presented it to the children as such. Best not to parent like an artist.

Resident nine-year-old decided to enhance a part of her school uniform. I'm all for that, lovely idea. I just pointed out that whilst the decoration was very nice, the marker would wash out. And maybe that would be for the best anyway, since she had misspelled one of the three words, and the message was confusing. Tears ensued. It is not good to parent like a writer.

I thought writing was generally literary, owing to being constructed with words. But literary might also mean writing like an artist, which might make the writing less compelling.Who knew?

So I was expecting one of the Galleries I'd contacted to get back to me with "The painting is too narrative," but no. The lovely gentleman said my work was not for them, but that I should "continue to work to satisfy myself and not a fickle market." Which is fine advice and a lovely reminder. But still...he probably meant too narrative.

So when all else fails, Fresh Air.


  1. yes Fresh Air will get you through-fingers crossed no bird deaths, marker mishaps and gallery rejections this week..i like this image-but title claims 'rough sketch'-are you planning on working it more? Quite like the movement, light, underlying mood as is

  2. Hello Jan, thanks for stopping by.
    No, I'm planning on doing more rough pieces and then using what I've learned to do something Other. Ultimately.

    Moorland isn't my usual thing, but I keep finding bits I love looking at, so...

    hope your residency was a Good Time?