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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A River Runs Through It

River K Howell 2011 Pastel and Rain on Paper 8 cm x 13 cm
It's marvelous how rock is shaped by the passage of water. This study is very tiny and quick (it has been quite wet lately), but shows something of what I was after. The sculpted rock holds the memory of relentless rushing  activity, and is still being shaped. Borges says, in his poem about poetry, 
To gaze at the river made of time and water
And recall that time itself is another river,
To know that we cease to be, just like the river,
And our faces pass away, just like the water."


  1. just saw your media-did you work into the wet (rain) paper with pastel?

  2. Hi Jan. Yes, damp paper. The paper texture was eroding slightly. I wouldn't recommend it. Laying dry pastel on top worked for the most part.
    Clearly I need to use more wet media outside. Embrace the climate...