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Monday, 27 June 2011


Through K Howell 2011 Pastel on Paper 21 cm x 14 cm
      Summer is here. Vegetation is rich and luxuriant. There are midges. Humans accustomed to several layers of clothing throw caution to the wind and expose their torsos and legs to the briefly magnificent sun. This is all very distracting. Disturbing. Sometimes frightening.
     A good time to retreat to the trees.
     Looking at this quirky beech, contemplating obstacles, I remember Robert Frost. The best way out is always through. While patience and persistence are very admirable, they're not terribly exciting qualities to cultivate. But three seasons later, I'm still rewriting. Is this wise? I've no idea, but certainly it's an education. The earlier draft is a bit bloated, dizzy with sun, running naked in several directions. Oblivious to the aesthetic implications of its activity. Sigh.


  1. i've said this before-and now again-you render what i SEE..love the opening and way through. I just returned from a first time visit to your site and the weed and glimpse series take my heart..hey and i see you started out in Canada?
    One of the reasons i investigated your site was to find out if you have anything book/reading wise because i like your words and what you do with them-no luck:(

    You might like Jane Urquart's new book 'Sanctuary Line'. it's quiet but scrumptious and interesting intersections story/wise

  2. Thanks, Jan. I've not read 'Sanctuary Line', but the title appeals. I'll seek it out.
    Thanks for visiting my site, which is requiring an update...I did spend formative years in Canada.

    Words are magnificent and seductive and I hate them a little because they keep me from painting. And other people's words are the best of all... so thanks for the recommendation!