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Saturday, 30 April 2011

What is Not Working?

It followed me home...  K Howell Pastel on Paper 21 cm x 14 cm
When work is play, what is a holiday?

  • Eating purple broccoli.
  • Revisiting a favourite chamber tomb (Jaded four-year-old comments, Well, there's not much to see in here, is there?).
  • Fishing said child out of a river (unrelated incident. Honestly.). 
  • Recovering the excitement of spotting Iron Age ring forts and remembering this reaction is not universally shared. Why? Why??
  • Picnicking on a long barrow, surrounded by round and bell barrows. Eight-year-old doesn't like the flies, and must be reminded that the people who crafted this landscape with antlers for tools were probably able to get past the insects. Surely she can do the same? People with antlers? She says. Wow! 
  • Singing loudly and often badly while traveling on foot or in the car. Pity the pedestrians in the vicinity. At least in the car, we pass quickly. 
  • Contemplating What is Not Working and finding solutions.
  • Contemplating What is Working, because this is easy to forget.
  • Discovering dragons and making stories out of twigs, because working or not working, this is what I do...
 Happy May Day!

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