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Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Spent K Howell Chalk Pastel on Paper 14 cm x 21 cm
     Painting isn't particularly energetic, on the face of it. Unless you're Jackson Pollock, no great feats of physical exertion are required. Painting seems to involve a lot of being still and staring. But without a concentration of energy, nothing materialises.
     I have two large panels, in the slow process of developing, and I find working on small pieces at the same time helps keep the energy flowing.
This tree is spent and slowly being broken down, returning to the soil. I love its irregularity, its mossy coat, its disarray. It has had a rough season and is spent. But life is creeping all over its surface. Just spending time watching this tree is energising.


  1. So where has the last post gone? I miss it already!

  2. This post says the same things. I'm learning to rewrite.